Toto Wolff is angry with George Russell for hitting Valtteri Bottas’ helmet after Emilia Romagna’s F1 race crash in 2021

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george russel and valtteri bottas

The George Russell and Valtteri Bottas incident at the Emilia Romagna F1 race in 2021 is a hot topic.

The incident began on lap 34 when George Russell tried to pass Valtteri Bottas ahead of the Tamburello corner of the Imola circuit.

Russell, who drove fast on the outside, seemed to run out of space after Valtteri Bottas was seen closing the space.

Russell’s car suddenly lost control and twisted and hit Bottas’ car very hard.

Interestingly, the two drivers looked angry and blamed each other.

After the crash, Russell immediately approached Bottas, who was still in the cockpit, and argued with each other.

At the peak, Bottas points his middle finger at Russell which Russell immediately responds with a light blow to Bottas’s helmet.

After the race, Russell claimed Bottas was destroying sportsmanship by deliberately making a dangerous maneuver by closing his space.

Russell likened Bottas’ maneuver to what Max Verstappen did in 2015.

Enraged by Russell’s actions after the crash, the Mercedes team, Toto Wolff, became even angrier with Russell’s statement.

“That is nonsense. This situation does not entertain us at all. This is a big blow. Our car was destroyed and there are budgetary restrictions that limit us from making repairs,” Wolff said as quoted by from

Wolff confirmed that the incident was due to a wet area that made Russell’s car twist and a crash was inevitable.

“It is clear the fact that we ended up here because someone lost in the wet area because before that there was no contact. The wet area made the two cars crash and that was not what we expected,” said Wolff.

The Stewards themselves decided there was no fault or deliberation on either side of Russell or Bottas.

As with Wolff’s statement, Stewards considered the crash occurred because the track conditions were indeed tricky.

“There isn’t a situation where one racer is 100% wrong and the other 0%. Valtteri did 30 laps that weren’t so good and he shouldn’t be in that position,” said Wolff.

“And George should not have to rush to maneuver overtaking like that because the track conditions are getting dry,” he continued.

Even Wolff thinks Russell should also see that the car in front of him is a Mercedes, the team he had a contract with when he was loaned to Williams as it is today.

Besides that, overtaking a Mercedes is not easy, especially in areas like that.

“You have to know there is a Mercedes and the track is wet, so there is a risk of overtaking. I don’t want him to prove anything to us because one can say, we have known Valtteri for 5 years and he didn’t try to prove anything to us,” he stressed.

Some parties think that Wolff’s disappointment will affect Russell’s fate in the future.

Crashes are a common occurrence in racing, but Russell’s uncontrolled anger is said to be Mercedes’ assessment of whether or not to wear them in the future.

Let’s see how Russel takes responsibility for this.

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