Finish Second in F1 Emilia Romagna 2021, Lewis Hamilton admits to having made a mistake

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lewis hamilton f1 emilia romagna grand prix

The fierce competition between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is back. Lewis Hamilton, who finished second in F1 Emilia Romagna 2021, admitted he was wrong.

After competing fiercely in the final laps of the F1 Bahrain, last March, now it happened at the beginning of the second F1 Emilia Romagna series in 2021, Sunday (18/4).

Lewis Hamilton, who started from pole position, lost his pole position after being won by Max Verstappen in the first corner.

After that, there was almost no significant threat to Max Verstappen. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton made a mistake.

Lewis Hamilton slipped off the track on lap 31 of 63 laps, his car stopped at the Imola circuit gravel trap.

The engine of the car is still on, the Mercedes team driver advances his car but ends up crashing into the circuit dividing wall.

The front wing of the car is damaged. But he was able to continue the race and his position slipped to ninth.

Luckily, the race was stopped shortly afterward due to a terrible accident involving his teammate, Valtteri Bottas, and Williams team racer, George Russell.

After the race resumed, Hamilton managed to catch up and finished second and made the fastest lap.

“This is not the best day. The first time I made a mistake in a long time, but I am grateful to be able to bring the car home (finish the race),” said Lewis Hamilton in an interview after the race.

He saw that there was a dry track and he felt he was too in a hurry to be passed by other drivers.

But once he entered, the lane was wet.

Make the car not stop and slip off the track.

“But fortunately we were able to go back and get some points for the team,” said Lewis Hamilton.

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