F1 2021 Sprint Race Held in 3 Circuits, Each Team Receives $100,000

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The sprint race, which is an additional race at the F1 2021 weekend, will be held in three places. Each team will get paid $100,000 per race.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that the 2021 F1 Sprint race will be held at the Silverstone (England), Monza (Italy), and Interlagos (Brazil) circuits.

The fun thing is, according to the German media, to cover costs, the team will get part of the cost.

That is around $100,000 every time you participate in a sprint race.

Rumors about holding a sprint race have been circulating for a while.

According to the German media, as based on gpblog.com (21/4/2021), there will be three sprint races in 2021.

The order in which this race starts is determined by qualification.

After that, the result of the sprint race becomes the starting sequence for the main race on Sunday.

However, big teams are worried about additional costs, because the budget cap or budget cap has been imposed this year.

Formula 1 also has to find a solution. According to Auto Motor und Sport, each team will receive $100,000 per sprint race.

Teams can also add to this bonus by $50,000 of their funds, which will not be calculated from the budget cap.

Additionally, teams are allowed up to $ 200,000 to repair damage caused during the sprint race.

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